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Article: Layering 101: Fun and Practical Shawl Styling Tricks

Layering 101: Fun and Practical Shawl Styling Tricks

Layering 101: Fun and Practical Shawl Styling Tricks

Kashmiri shawls look mesmerizing, don't they? And yet, most of us shy away from purchasing our dreams because we just don't know how to style a shawl so that it looks classy and expensive - no one wants to look old-fashioned, after all! Don't worry, there are many ways to style pashminas and shawls that don't remind you of Thakur from Sholay. Want to be a walking, talking inspiration for the next winter fashion week? Here are 11 amazing ways to layer and style a shawl for every event that you might come across - from a board meeting to a long drive and your cousin's wedding!

Know Your Winter Trends - How Many Types Of Shawls Are There?

Shawls, scarves, mufflers, balaclavas, etc are all different types of fabric that are wrapped around the neck, head, or upper body in the winter season to protect us from the cold. (All of these are different from one another and are worn in different ways, though!)

However, they can also be amazing fashion choices that can elements a simple outfit into a straight-up showstopper look!

Before you choose a shawl of your choice however it is essential to know the different types of available options that exist in the market. Some of the most popular, coveted, and appreciated styles are listed below - make sure you do your research!

  • Pashmina Shawls
  • Kani Shawls
  • Kashmiri Embroidered Shawls
  • Kalamkari
  • Crochet-knit Shawl
  • Silk Shawls
  • Cross-knit Shawls

    10 Ways To Style A Shawl For Any Occasion In 2024

    Shawls have existed since time immemorial, but that doesn't mean they have to be old-fashioned! Here are 11 amazing ways to style your favorite shall this winter.

    1. Single-wrap Neck Scarf

    Wrapping your shawl like this is super easy. Firstly, fold the fabric in neat, heavy pleats (so that it looks expensive when it's on you!) and throw it around your neck. Adjust the ends of your shawl so that it looks equal in length once you have thrown one and at the back.
    Now complete the process and make sure your neck is covered. The single wrap compliments any outfit, be it trousers, jeans, or a skirt. You can wear this over a baggy pullover, a cross knit cardigan, or a trendy wine leather jacket. Because of its casual appearance, boots of any kind, along with stockings of your choice further accentuate the outfit!

    2. Double-wrap Neck Scarf

    This time, place your shawl around your neck, with one longer than the other. Now swing the longer end to the back, then bring it forward on the same side. You will see that your shawl is forming a muffler-like covering around your neck and both ends are falling on your chest.
    If you want, you can keep the wrap loose around your neck, creating what we love to call the regular office/college look. Some people love to cover their noses and mouths, which is great if you are planning to spend the whole day outside. You can use any women's pashmina shawl to create this look.

    3. Style It With A Belt

    Love the double wrap idea? Take it one step further by cinching it on the waist using a belt. Some colors like black, silver, and maroon are always in style, whereas other colors like teal and rose gray are in fashion right now!
    If you don't have a suitable belt, you can still make this style happen by taking one end of your shawl and wrapping it around your waist to resemble an hourglass shape. Pull down the sides of your shawl so that they cover your upper arm - this will give you just the baggy, oversized look you crave.

    4. Tie It Like A Bolero

    Have you heard of the latest Korean winter fashion trend - what if we try to make this popular cardigan wear using a white pashmina shawl? For this, you need to place the shawl at the ends of your shoulders so that it covers your hands.
    Now take the ends of the shawl - that is dangling near your palms - and pull them back behind your chest. Now tie a dainty little knot. You will find that the pashmina wool is beautifully covering your arms like a sweater. The front remains open, so you can easily show off any statement necklace or eye-catching top that you are wearing underneath.

    5. The Classic Drape

    Throw your embroidered scarf over your shoulder top to achieve this timeless, royal look. The Classic Drape goes best with traditional wear like kurtas, anarkalis, sarees, patialas, and even Ghaghra-cholis. If done well you can easily use it to flaunt your style during a festival or a wedding!
    The look might seem too easy to try, but the beauty of this drape lies in the attention to detail. Achieve a clean look by incorporating pins that keep the folds in place. You can further add accessories like a brooch or a bijou.

    6. Shawl As A Dress

    Wearing a dress in winter is all about layering. A white high neck, button down, or tee serves as a base on top of which we place a flowy, colorful one-piece. Now, if you learn how to tie a shawl around your body, you can have a brand-new dress as good as any designer could produce!
    The high-quality fabric of the shawl and its complex embroidered patterns will make for an amazing bodice. Fasten your dress with a belt or a corset. Instead of a white base, you can add a colorful mesh top or an off-shoulder tee to add some maximalism to your outfit!

    7. Shawl As A Dupatta

    This happens to be the easiest possible method of wearing a shawl that can elevate an outfit. Add some gravity to a simple Kurti-Sharara set by pinning your brand-new shawl across one shoulder. These days, ladies have also started wearing these dupatta-style shawls with shirts and skirts for that perfect indo-fusion output.
    When you add the right shawl to your outfit, it helps pop the hidden details of your kurta or lehenga. You can then go one step ahead and balance out the colors with some gorgeous gemstone jewelry. Men can do this with a men's shawl and their sherwani, too!

    8. The Head Scarf

    Head Scarfs look Chic - and practical. It involves gathering up your hair and tying the shawl all around your head. After that, you can bring it down your neck and drape it once or twice. For those who wear a religious headscarf, this is often a fun additional layer!
    Indeed, many men and women prefer to wear a shawl turban. The best way to style this is with a double-breasted coat and some loose trousers. Many also love to add a waistcoat, corset, and leg warmers to make the outfit as Gen-Z as possible.

    9. The Trendy Shawl Top

    Shawl-tops are all the rage on social media these days. People are wearing them as sleeveless tees, off-shoulder tanks, and flowy, makeshift peplums. They look ravishing underneath an otherwise neutral jacket or coat.
    There are endless ways to creatively tie top wear with your favorite shawl. You can use a belt to keep it in place or even tuck the fabric into your choker necklace. One-shoulder tops also look good in almost every body type! Pair these unique designs on top of baggy jeans, cigarette trousers, and palazzos—not to mention, woolen skirts are always the first pick, too!

    10. The Double-knot Neck Scarf

    One of the best ways to wear a solid shawl is to wrap it around your neck and tie two knots at the base, one after the other. This way, the whole fabric gathers around the top of your chest - exactly the area that remains uncovered by a blazer or a coat!
    Make your winter outfit extra fun by matching your shawl with a suitable cap - the beret, perhaps? The best thing about saying yes to this style is that there are endless ways to make a knot - and each one of them reveals something about the personality you want to portray! Sounds sophisticated, doesn't it?

    Tips For Effortless Shawl Styling In Winters

    A silk Kashmiri shawl price may be shocking - but in truth, nothing can compare with the high-quality techniques used to manufacture the handcrafted masterpiece. The most important tip, therefore, is to always invest in a good quality shawl. Here are some other suggestions to keep in mind when choosing from the styles above.

    • Know Your Shawl - Everything from the color, texture, print, and even the history of your shawl will determine whether a certain style goes with it or not. There are more than 100 different shawls produced across the Indian subcontinent - know what you are holding, always.
    • If in Doubt, Go Monochrome - Monochrome always looks classy, and conjuring up a layered outfit with monochromatic items is a piece of cake. If you don't know what to do, select a few colors and play with their shades and tones even while accessorizing
    • Take Care Of Your Shawl - A new shawl is just a shawl that has been taken care of well through the years. Hand wash your pashmina shawl and store it away from direct sunlight. Always invest in good-quality detergent that doesn't fade out the colors
    • Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize! - Yes, your shawl might be an accessory on some days, but on most, it is an important staple piece of your outfit. So use the right earrings, bracelets, stockings, headpieces, and even gloves to bring your outfit together. And remember, you can never go wrong with boots when it comes to a shawl!


    Shawls have become a must-wear in winter, and this is true not only for India but almost every culture in the world. These captivating pieces of fabric look mesmerizing with denim jackets, plaid shirts, and even sweater vests. Almost every age group can style it without looking out of place.

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