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Article: Easy Ways To Pair Shawls With Winter Dresses

Easy Ways To Pair Shawls With Winter Dresses

Easy Ways To Pair Shawls With Winter Dresses

Fashion lovers cannot think of the winter season without thinking of the ultimate luxury clothing item: the shawl. This timeless accessory has been a part of ethnic and Western clothing among royals and commoners alike. And today, it is a static favorite among designers!
The most popular, traditional choices for Indian buyers are the Kashmiri shawls; these include the Pashmina, Jamawar, Kani, Kalamkari, etc. Owning one of these is a matter of great pride, not only for us but also for heritage enthusiasts from other Western or Asian countries!
Today, let's focus on the most regal combination of all: the shawl with a winter dress. With layering in once again, everyone is focused on looking chic and cute in -5°C weather (if not more!). Thankfully, with a shawl, you can pull it off without freezing your bones!

Occasions That Call For A Shawl Situation

Only a few of us realize what a culturally essential role shawls play and how wearing one can mean a lot!

  • Weddings

In Asian cultures, shawls are exchanged during a wedding ceremony. Almost all guests prefer to wear shawls with lehengas, kurtis, and dresses. For men, especially grooms, sporting a shawl is a sign of dignity, charm, and masculinity.

  • Festive Rituals

Shawls are an integral part of both Hindu and Islamic cultures. Donating shawls is considered an act of religious service. Pundits wear a holy shawl when worshiping deities and performing yagnas.

  • Felicitation Ceremonies

Shawls are gifted and received during important ceremonies. Presenting a luxury shawl on such occasions successfully conveys someone's feelings of appreciation for an esteemed guest. It is also a sign of friendship.

Best Ways To Layer A Shawl with Winter Dresses

1. The Shawl Bolero

Cape ties are done in two ways, and both look awesome. The first is a front tie covering the shoulders and cinching the waist. The other is a tie behind the chest so that the arms are covered but the torso is free. If you plan on wearing a dress with great detailing around the neckline, this unique shawl style is a perfect win on all counts.
There are a few things to remember here: Pick out a broad shawl so that the knot at the back is covered with the shawl body. Secondly, choose a shawl that gives you a flattering bolero sleeve. Thirdly, and most importantly, tie the knot in a strategic place so that the shawl flatters your waistline and makes you feel confident in yourself.

2. The Princess Wrapped With A Gown

This is the easiest wrap because it isn't a wrap at all. A princess wrap covers the back of the dress and falls on our forearms from over our elbows. You must have seen Mane celebrities and public figures wear their shawls like this on the red carpet.
If you like dressing boldly, you might want to settle for a long, backless gown with a shawl spread lightly around the cut to create a sultry, mysterious appearance. On the other hand, if you are planning to wear a crochet or lace shawl with big weaves, a shining satin dress underneath is bound to look mesmerizing.

3. The Asymmetrical Drape with A Pin

A large shawl looks amazing when spread out around the knees in a flowy frill. But if you want to avoid the classic, you can try the asymmetrical drape, which involves letting one side fall free and the other side be gathered up in careful folds to be wrapped around the body. Most runway designers have recently been using the asymmetrical drape to give models an oversized, careless aesthetic.
These days, ready-made asymmetry is sold in the markets themselves; these are shawls with one side longer or broader than the other, making it easier to achieve a designer look. For best results, pick out an asymmetric dress (such as one shoulder or one sleeve) to pair with this.

4. Parisian Knot

Also known as the Hoxton or Chelsea Knot, this is a popularly sported sign of European sophistication often seen in movies, music videos, etc. The loop is created by joining the two ends around the neck of the wearer and inserting one end into a smooth tick to form a knot.
But this is not the only shawl knot you can incorporate into your dress look. For example, a sweetheart neckline is best served with a one-side double-wrap neck knot, while a round cut on your dress means you can easily try the Half Bow Wrap.

5. A Dress Cape

Dresses are usually worn on social, warm occasions. If your dress looks like a royal brocade on its own, you can try to play it up by pinning your shawl across your shoulders like a superhero’s cape. If you are preparing for something a little more formal, you can bring half of the shawl forward and pin the two ends together so that it looks like an overcoat covering your chest and arms.
Many fashionistas love wearing multiple shawls at once; are you one of them? If yes, tying a second shawl across your neck or waist might serve you right. Twills and diamond-weave pashmina give the right kind of distressed, rustic look to perfectly fit this combination.

6. With A Belt and Coat

Once a part of an outfit, a good shawl always takes center stage. But that doesn't mean you can't accentuate the look further with a good-quality statement belt and a trench coat of your choice! Sometimes, such additions can balance out different design elements like the color, cut, print, etc. of the dress.
Other accessories, like statement earrings, boots, and caps, also help bring out the edge. If you are wearing an ethnic or indo-fusion dress, don't be afraid of an elaborate updo or even some henna tattoo for the occasion!

7. Embroidered Shawl over a Plain Dress

Certain Pashminas, like the Kani Shawl, are vibrant and rife with motifs. The handcrafted, multilayer embroidery deserves to stand out, and for this, you need to choose an unfailing but attractive dress underneath.
A solid dress need not always be black, though that is a popular choice; you can go for blush, ivory, beige, or pastel blue. There are multiple wraps you can try in this situation, and our only suggestion is for you to opt for a wrap that allows the whole surface of the shawl to fall gracefully around your graceful form.

8. One-shoulder Drape

Every Indian royal in the history of our civilization has tried the one-shoulder drape, making it immoral for designers today. Pleat the shawl carefully from top to bottom, and pin the length carefully on your shoulder.
Now, the other end is free to be styled as you choose! If the weather is warm, you can simply leave it as it is. If you want a little more covering, you can throw one end across the elbow of your opposite arm. You can also wrap it around your torso from under your arm and look like a Roman general walking a parade!

9. The Head Scarf

If you don't feel sure of which style to ultimately choose, just close your eyes and settle for the head scarf. The headscarf can be stylish and at the same time modest; it can make you look like a sweet cupcake or a complete femme fatale, depending solely on how you tie it. Have a bad hair day? There is one answer: the head scarf.
You can combine the head wrap with a free-flowing cape below and pin it under your chin. Alternatively, you can tie your shawl in an oversized knot on your chest to adopt a more relaxed look. A midi, flowy dress will compliment this style best, especially with all the action going on at the top.


Kashmiri Pashmina Shawls can be solid, embellished, laced, and adorned with geometric embroidery incorporating 30 or more colors! Truly, everyone loves Kashmiri shawl craftsmanship. If you didn't believe us when we said any dress can look designer with a good shawl, we are sure you have changed your mind after seeing the unique combinations above.

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