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The traditional heritage shawls and scarves have been curated keeping the royal legacy at the helm. A perfect fusion of the traditional Indian wear and the modern western silhouettes, these pieces blend with any outfit and makes it look classy. This makes it more wearable for any kind of occasion- evening parties, formal luncheons, smart office wear and family weddings and get-togethers.

The stoles and scarves for men and women are multi-utility pieces which can be used as an accessory to make the outfit formal or flaunt it as a fashion statement. The price range fits all pocket sizes and the supple fabric makes it an ideal gift for all occasions. The shawls which have been a luxury since time immemorial are now available at unimaginable prices. Wear them and show the royal side of your persona.

The Jamawars, the Kaaanis, the Kashmiri embroideries and the well placed paisleys speak volumes about the regal eras and their perfect reminiscence with the modern evolving times. The variety of hues or the tone-on-tone creates the perfect shade for everyone. Crafted with passion, each piece is made using the finest wool with the softest feel. The fabric is tested under severe quality controls and checks. Unmistakable softness and eye-catching colors provides a competitive edge.

The uniqueness in each shawl, stole or scarf lies in the meticulously done embroideries and craftsmanship. Each piece is a style statement and an ode to legacy and heritage. The modern paisleys give them a twist and make the pieces a luxury to drape and adorn any outfit.

The men’s lohis, ties and shawls are absolute delight for the eye and accentuate the royal side of the man wearing it. Vivid symbols of class and sophistication, each piece takes hours to curate a statement that is unique and meet all the criteria of the brand USP. The rich fabric, exclusive designs and patterns and the color coordination make each men’s wear accessory a delight to behold.

The ease in maintenance and after-care has endeared the Pashmoda shawls to all the customers. This ensures the longevity of the shawl and makes it an ideal legacy to bestow and passed on to the next generations. Hand crafted and curated with passion and love, each stole and shawl speaks volumes about the exceptional efforts put in making it. The collection ranges from shawls and dupattas for women, to stoles and scarves as accessory for girls and women, coupled with lohis and shawls for men. For flamboyance in dressing and sartorial superiority, a carefully chosen accessory can create magic and make you stand out in the crowd.

The state-of-art and designing is done by the best men and the expertise is evident in the finesse of the final product. A luxury to reckon with that resonates with the modern and the traditional workmanship is what takes a breath away. The intricate patterns, overall jaals, borders, Kaanis, Jaamawars, Kashmiri embroideries, embroidered pallas, fusion stoles, eclectic scarves- you name it and Pashmoda has it.

Come rejoice in the blend of patronage of Kashmir and modern silhouettes and be the man or woman with a strong style statement. Indulge in the happiness of being draped in class and oodles of style! Each piece has a story, let it mingle with yours!


1041 Sangla Shivala Road, Ludhiana, PB, India- 141008
+91 70099-89844
“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”


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