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Article: Why choose a pashmina shawl for this wedding season?

Why choose a pashmina shawl for this wedding season?
pashmina shawl

Why choose a pashmina shawl for this wedding season?

“Pashmina Shawl never goes out of style to turn any wardrobe into a piece of art and style!”

Pashmina Shawls are an excellent way to make a remarkable presence in an occasion like a wedding, family function etc. It outlines the looks and adds an admiring statement to the entire outfit. To make any outfit classy, graceful and enduring – Pashmina turns out to be an unmatchable choice.

Pashmina Shawls were introduced in the 15th Century by Zayn-ul-Abidin, the emperor of Kashmir. This is the reason people call it Kashmiri Shawl or Kashmiri Scarf. Mainly, in winters and autumn season – women prefer pashmina because of its warmth and high-rated quality.

Pashmina Shawl is expensive than other similar designs of shawl or scarfs in the market. It is handcrafted by superior designers and each inch of the fabric is accurately curated with beautiful patterns.

Exclusive and wonderful warm wool is used to curate colourful designs and hues of Pashmina Shawl.

This wedding season treat yourself with this luxurious and high-quality fabric to cover your shoulders from the cold breezes and mark your style statement with Pashmina!

Top Reasons to choose Pashmina Shawl for Winter Wedding

Whether you are a bride, groom or attending the wedding as a guest– Kashmiri Shawl never goes out of style to turn any wardrobe into a piece of art and style. Pashmina not only saves gorgeous divas from cold winter air but also accentuate their outfit whether it's lehenga-choli, cropped dresses and saris. Be the showstopper of the party and look extremely stunning and eye-catching by wearing Pashmina Shawl as an accessory with your classy attire.

·         Wear pashmina in Style!

Wearing a suitable and contrasted Pashmina Shawl with your wedding outfit let you win compliments from each guest of the event. Young girls can style Pashmina Shawl as dupatta for their attire and can make the heads move in the party. 

·         Traditional and Classy Choice

When choosing a wedding outfit, it becomes hard for you to find something classy, modern, adoring as well as traditional in a single piece of cloth. But, we can always add some spice to the existing attire to make it stand out.

Pashmina is likely to be embroidered with beautiful flowers, leaves and patterns. Also, this expensive piece of cloth gives a selective and graceful look.

·         Combination of Warmth and Style

You can put the scarf on your left or right shoulder, wrap yourself up over a western dress or Sari, cover your arms from behind – whatever you do; this will leave the audience speechless by your spirit of styling.

·         Variety in Colours and Designs of Kashmiri Shawl

Choose from numerous beautiful designs of Pashmina shawls and scarf for both men and women. You will see a wide range of colours fabricated with a unique approach.

A woman eventually feels comfortable and confident in herself when she feels perfectly fine in her outfit.

·         Soft and irritation-free

Pashmina Shawl is soft, smooth and does not irritate the skin. People complain that winter wear often cause stiffness and rough sensations to the skin. Pashmina shawls are as soft as cotton and will never cause itching to your skin. Feel Royal with a touch of Pashmina!

·         Pashmina for generations

If taken proper care, Pashmina can last not only for years but for generations. Make sure to wash the material with quality detergent and keep the scarf in a protective and safe place - away from insects.

Going for your winter wedding shopping?

Pashmina is a must-have accessory for you. You can gift pashmina to your friend, bridesmaid, wife and guest and make them memorable for a lifetime. It can turn out to be the most precious present for them for sure.

What are you waiting for then? Come delve in the beautiful world of Pashmina exclusively at Pashmoda.

Don’t miss out on exclusive discounts this festive season. Order today!

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