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Article: 7 Reasons why Pashmina scarves and stoles are the next in-thing?

7 Reasons why Pashmina scarves and stoles are the next in-thing?

7 Reasons why Pashmina scarves and stoles are the next in-thing?

The pashmina shawls, stoles and scarves are something that not only accentuates the style but are inevitably the pieces to carry for generations!

Winter is on its way to make us feel chilled with its cool and dry breezes, but these Cashmere shawls are as much about warmth as they are about helping you cut a dash. Have a look at some striking reasons to cherish them more!

·        Jazz up a solid-coloured or plain outfit

Just pop out your simple looking outfit this winter and team it up with a stylish pashmina scarf or shawl, turning your look more vibrant and chic. Glam up your style statement with the beautiful and versatile range of Pashmina and Jamwar Shawls by Pashmoda.

Wool Bland Jamawar Shawl (Size: 40X80 Inches)

Checkout this beautiful Pashmina Jamwar shawl with meticulous paisley and floral design adorned beautifully over a tangerine Kurti.    

·        Rejuvenate your look

Bored of switching your purse or handbag every day to the workplace? Not anymore!

Stole it up! Spice up your entire look by teaming up with Stoles and scarfs that can easily be tied around your purse or bag.

Explore the jaw-dropping stole collection at Pashmoda and start wishlisting some nice colours and patterns to make the bold accent.

Pure Wool Printed Stole Certified by The Woolmark Company (Size: 28x80 Inches)

Checkout this pure wool printed stole certified by The Woolmark Company with an awe-inspiring full digital print in authentic Kashmiri designs.

Looking to gift something special to your mom, sister or wife this Diwali?

Explore Pashmoda for exclusive pashmina shawls and gift your loved ones a souvenir that they can reminisce forever.

·        Warmth to neck and shoulders

These beautiful and stunning pure pashmina shawls are a must-have to keep you cosy and warm during winters. They serve as your best friends when it’s chilling outside.

Planning to board a flight or going for a vacation this Christmas? Don’t forget to buy Kashmiri shawl online only from Pashmoda- for 100% authentic cashmere feel.

Wool Kashmiri Design Shawl (Size: 40X80 Inches)

Don’t miss out on this Faux Pashmina Wool Kashmiri Design Shawl worn beautifully over the neck and shoulders that not only add class to your attire but keep you cosy as well.

·        The feminine feel

It’s time to bring out the real feminine feel!

Wear authentic or casuals, add the serene heritage feel to your most classic attire with aari embroidered Pashmina Shawls.

A pashmina scarf or stole makes your stand out and feel more feminine and powerful even on an ordinary day.

Pure Wool Aari Embroidered Kashmiri Stole, Certified by The Woolmark Company (Size 28x80)

This wedding season, dig out your beautiful silk sarees and get ready to sparkle by teaming up with this beautiful aari embroidered pure wool pashmina wool shawl.  

·        Look Taller

Want to look taller? Just grab your pashmina scarf and make it sling on your stilettos. Other ways that slim down your silhouette could be by simply draping a long scarf around your neck. You can also go for a square scarf and fold it diagonally to a slim band and wrap it around your neck.

·        Be Formal

Going to attend an office meeting or heading towards your workplace? Add a touch of elegance and sophistication by carrying a pashmina shawl on the side or pick a scarf to mark a next-gen style statement. 

·        Hide a Flaw!

In case you feel that your neckline is too revealing or plunging a bit, just grab your favourite scarf or stole from Pashmoda and set yourself free.

Pashmina is versatile. Wear it with anything to everything.

Get the latest cashmere shawls, aari embroidery, kaani collection and pure pashmina shawls only at Pashmoda- your single-stop destination for all pashmina needs.

Get attractive discounts and deals on shopping cashmere scarves and shawls online.

This Diwali, be the sassy trendsetter and rule the world with Pashmoda!

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