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Article: What are the Latest Winter Party Trends in Shawls?

What are the Latest Winter Party Trends in Shawls?

What are the Latest Winter Party Trends in Shawls?

Are you high on fashion? Do you love to be a trend-setter? Winter bonfire parties, fashionable soirees, Christmas dinners, New Year eve and there’s a lot more to dress up for. What particularly cannot be missed are the Sunday brunches out on rooftops with breezy wind and soft music!

All this does excite us to the core. However along with all the fun and excitement comes another stress in the package- what and how to dress up? Winter dressing up can be challenging as well as fun. Add layers or add colors or may be go for color block schemes and you are sorted to rock any kind of event. Have you experimented different styles of dressing up with an embellished shawl?

What are the Various Occasions to Wear an Embellished Shawl?

Designer shawls for women with micro detailing or heavy sequins, beads, glitters, embroided threads and other embellishments are a must-have this winter season. Be a show stopper with an embellished shawl wrapped around your neck or simply falling off from your shoulders.

Ah! You will be a trend setter wearing you embellished shawl with your jeans or pants and highlighting the Indo-western look. Pashmoda has a huge collection of embellished shawls of all colors to give the party season an extra oomph. Be spoilt for choices as you choose a heavily sequined shawl to go along with you Indian saree or lehenga. You may even consider buying a subtle embellished ladies’ shawl to be adorned with jeans, skirts or blazers and get ready to be clicked at the soiree.

Right from a day event to evening party, embellished shawls will be your go-to thing for any time of the day or occasions and ceremonies. A birthday party, impromptu, weddings, dinners or just a casual coffee scene with friends, embellished shawls will justify getting ready on each occasion. Log in to India’s best online ladies’ stoles and shawls boutique for commitment to excellent quality. Who doesn’t like compliments after all?

You may be flummoxed when it comes to choosing a color for the shawl. Pashmoda has your choice of colors and are available globally. All you have to do is pick a similar color to your outfit or if you are bold in dressing up, choose a contrast and enjoy the winters.

How can you miss an embellished shawl on your BIG day? It’s your wedding and an embellished shawl is certainly a quintessential accessory with your bridal outfit. Let your sisters and friends also look trendy each second with this humble, glittery shawl. Check out the winter stoles and shawls online at Pashmoda.

Pashmoda- a Gift for Generations

Razzle-dazzle is here to stay and the blinged-out shawls will remain a fashion trend for many years to come. You may look like a million bucks with embellished shawl knotted around your neck or simply wrapped around.

Have you thought of gifting Pashmoda’s rich in heritage collection blended with sheer luxury to your friends, daughters and daughter-in-laws? Pashmoda is a name that reminisces with opulence and fineness in quality and the sparkled collection is here to add that touch of glam to clothes. Who says winters are dull and gloomy? With Pashmoda you shop and the buy the super soft scarves and shawls and your winters will be bright, vibrant and full of glam!

 Over to You

‘Dress to impress’ has now been replaced by ‘Dress to Rule’ and embellished shawls will make you look like you are born to rule. Slay the holiday season or parties or simple coffee meets with the embellished shawls adding glam and luxury to your outfit. Wear your favorite earrings and add a dash of class with Pashmoda.

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