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Article: How to Choose the Right Color of Shawl/Scarf?

How to Choose the Right Color of Shawl/Scarf?

How to Choose the Right Color of Shawl/Scarf?

Come fall and the onset of winter is declared. Season change to colder weather implies the need to invest in winter wear. The first thing that strikes the mind is the quintessential winter accessory that you can adorn on any occasion- a humble hand embroidery shawl or a vibrant warm scarf or a winter stole.

The winter attire looks dressy and eye-catching if you flaunt your shawl the right way. But before investing money in shawls, a thousand questions may have sprung in your mind:

  • What should be the color?
  • Would the color suit your skin?
  • Would the color you want be available in the purest of fabrics?
  • Is the color the latest in fashion?
  • Would the color go along with most of your outfits?

If any of the above questions resonate in your mind, reading ahead would definitely help. Here is a list of handy tips that will help you invest your time, money and efforts in the right shawl/stole or scarf:

  1. Determine your Skin Tone

The first and foremost criteria to choose the color of your scarf or shawl is to assess the skin tone and then determine which hues suit you the best.

Basic Test: Place your hand on the shawl with palm up and check if the color of the palm radiates well or looks gloomy. If the palm looks resplendent in a particular shade of a shawl, you have certainly found the perfect shade.

Advanced Test: In case you are worried that a large scarf shawl should look graceful on your face as you age, go for the vein test. Hold your arm up in the light, if the vein appears bluish or green; your skin tone is neutral or medium. If the vein appears darker towards purple or dark blue, you have a dark skin tone. However, you have a light skin tone if your vein appears green.

For a Lighter Skin Tone: You may love to experiment with dark and bold colors if you have a light skin tone. In addition, you can never go wrong with pinks. Why don’t to try the yellow, you will radiate effervescence and happiness! The family of greys and all darker hues like dark red, violet, canary yellow and emerald are meant to be your skin tone shades. Wear the best stoles/scarves and flaunt your best ever.

For a Dark Skin Tone: The duskier beauty of yours is sure to amalgam with almost all colors. Be it pristine whites, or creamy white, or a hot red; all are bound to compliment your skin tone. Have you ever experimented with shawls of dark blue, pink, cobalt blue or even purple? You sure are likely to stand apart in the crowd with a different shaded shawl or stole.

For a Natural or Medium Skin Tone: You are blessed to enjoy the perks of neutral as well as dark skin toned people. A maroon or black scarf will be the perfect choice for you. However the family of beiges, black and sky blue are sure to be your compliment-fetchers.

If you ever are in a dilemma of what color to invest in, now you know how you can choose the right shade.

  1. Match it with the outfits

The shawl or stole of any design and patterns should be bought keeping in mind the style of the outfits you love to wear out for dinners and parties. Though shawl is just an accessory and will highlight any outfit, yet you must consider the prints and patterns of the shawls before buying. Pashmoda is a premium name in the best scarves brand and shawls wholesale India and they are bound to spoil you for umpteen choices. Log on to and get bedazzled by the variety of patterns and colors embedded with royal touches and elegance.

  1. Build a Collection

Once you invest in the basics and staples, you start building a collection to add variety and crispness to your closet. These are heritage pieces and ‘more is less’ in case of this winter accessory. Start to add on more designs, colors and patterns and indulge in the grandeur of regal fabrics.

Last Words

A wide range of shawls at Pashmoda will complete your fall/winter wardrobe. Each piece is curated in a way that it is a perfect blend of rich cultural heritage with chic modernity. Right purchase at the right time will save a stitch in time and you can be ready to flaunt your outfit the right way. Happy dressing up peeps!

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