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Article: How Can You Take Care of White Shawls?

How Can You Take Care of White Shawls?

How Can You Take Care of White Shawls?

White is the color of purity, essence of humility, symbol of calmness and panache for fashion connoisseurs. You can never go wrong with a tranquil white sari with red borders or a pure white camisole with denim jacket or a simple white crochet dress. The only flaw with this meaningful color is that it needs to be taken care of meticulously as it is prone to stains and damage sooner than darker colors relatively. Have you pondered over the care procedure of white shawls?

India’s leading online shawls and scarves brand- Pashmoda has many varieties of shawl in this pristine color. For a diva look, wear it as a scarf around the neck or teem it with your Indian outfits to give a peaceful look. White shawl with multi-colored embroidery can go well with practically all the outfits and styles. All you need to do is take care of the white shawl very carefully.

How to Preserve the White Shawl?

If you follow the wash and care instructions religiously, the white shawl you have can be passed on to generations as a symbol of grace and legacy. With proper care instructions, you can flaunt it the next season and retain the purity in its essence.

Here are 4 instructions in the care manual of a white shawl:

  1. Avoid too much Sunlight

Like natural sunlight provides the body with requisite Vitamin D, similarly some amount of sunlight strengthens the fabric of the shawl as well. However be vary of strong exposure to sun, especially in the noon and afternoon hours. The best of shawls and scarves will have a longer shelf life if exposed to minimum sun rays.

Whenever you are drying a shawl, early morning or late evenings are the best time to dry your white shawl. Pashmoda has best range of shawls for both men and women and white is an unmistakable choice for both the sexes.

  1. Understand the Fabric first

Since white shawl can be available in many fabrics, it is of paramount importance to understand the fabric and then follow the guidelines. ‘No-one-size-fits-all’, which means the guidelines of wash and care steps will different from fabric to fabric. For delicate fabrics in white like crochet, mild wash at home can be recommended. There are many occasions when you can wear black, and for bold colors like blues and blacks in heavy materials like Pashmina, a professional dry clean is preferred.

To retain the freshness of your best shawls in fabrics like cotton, you may add some bleach to keep the sanctity of the color white intact. However if we talk of pure wool, dry clean is suggested over washing at home to prevent the fabric from pilling too much.

  1. Prefer Professional Dry clean

A reputed, reliable and genuine professional dry cleaning agent who understands the nuances of the fabrics well must be referred to for taking care of your priceless shawls. The dry cleaners know the details of the fabric and accordingly set the amount of chemicals, heat and ironing temperatures of the fabric.

If you get the shawl in closed plastic bags, make sure you open the bag very often and let the air seep in. It is very important to let the fabric breathe every now and then.

  1. Gentle Wash

‘Less is more’ can be applied to the amount of the mild baby shampoo used during the wash of shawls for both men and women. When you are washing the shawl bought from the best online store- Pashmoda, ‘being gentle’ is the key.

Each shawl must be washed separately in mild water, using mild shampoo and rinsed thoroughly. After wash, do not wring it like cotton t-shirts. Gently press to drain the excess water out and refrain from hanging on clothes lines. To dry the best shawls and scarves, place them flat on a towel or a long shelf and you may put it in mild sun for a while. Do not expose it to strong heat conditions of a dryer.

Final Words

Pashmoda is a name to reckon with which offers world-class shawls and stoles for both men and women. Each piece is curated with love and excellence in craftsmanship. Take care of your winter scarves and shawls and let them shine as new in your wardrobe. For buying the best men’s shawls and stoles, women shawls and stoles, bridal shawls or shawls for gifting, log in to Pashmoda and make your shopping a completely delightful experience.

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