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Article: What are the Best Times to Wear a Black Shawl?

What are the Best Times to Wear a Black Shawl?

What are the Best Times to Wear a Black Shawl?

With the onset of chill in the air and the weather expected to drop by a degree each day, it’s time to revamp the wardrobe and get the winter staples out. You may suffer from a ‘boring wardrobe’ syndrome by seeing all the greys and browns in the stack. Missing the bright, summery, easy-breezy outfits already? Hold on! Have you bought the quintessential classic black shawl for your wardrobe?

What are the Types of Black Shawls you can Target?

The black shawl is a must-have piece in the wardrobe and can be worn on any occasion and with any outfit. There are majorly two types of black shawls that are sure to glam up your Indian outfits as well as jazz up the modern silhouettes:

1. Black Kaani Shawl

Kaani is a loom-woven design and is intricately woven to look splendid. A black Kaani is for a regal and royal look to go along with any outfit.

2. Black Pashmina Shawl

An authentic Pashmina, or Shahtush or Raffal is the finest fabric and may or may not have embroidery. This shawl in black is sure to amalgam with any winter outfit.

3. Black Aari Shawl

The black aari is an unmistakable item of collection which looks good with any Indian attire like saree, suits or even lehengas. The workmanship on each piece and the Merino wool stoles are the premium range of Pashmoda.

4. Black Jaamawar Shawl

Blended wool Jamawar in black is certainly an elegant piece which can be worn by all age groups. This item is sure to exude elegance, class and style all at the same time.

What is the Best Time to Wear a Black Shawl?

The CEO of Pashmoda rightly says, “Shawls are heritage pieces that pass from generations to generations”. It is imperative for a man and a woman to own a decent black shawl that will rev up the outfits and can be passed on to the next generations as a legacy.

The designers of the leading shawl providers of North India, Pashmoda, have curated a list of occasions where you will be glad to have a black shawl as your companion:

  • The Indian-You

Getting ready for a wedding or family lunch? Pondering what to wear with the new suit or the sharara-set? Let the humble black shawl take over the burden of dressing you up and keeping you warm. A black shawl with floral embroidery can jazz up any suit and looks stunning with a saari too.

Men in kurta-pyjamas must drape a black shawl around them to feel like a prince of the bygone era.

  • The Rustic-Bikers Look

The rustic-you will definitely love the bike ride in the new black biker’s jacket with fringes if you have the staple black shawl or scarf around your neck. Flaunt your jacket with high boots and the black shawl around you. Have fun and keep cold at bay!

  • The Sexy Diva

What is your favorite party outfit, LBD or a shimmery red bodycon? Let the shimmery black shawl take charge and make you dressed cozily without disturbing the glam look. Try it on and you will love it.

  • New Jacket, New Look

Is it Sueding or Trenching? Be it the new suede blazer or the Zara Trench coat, wrap the black shawl in layers over it and you will stand an edge apart from the crowd. The black shawl will make you look unmistakably fashionable and smart.

  • You, Jeans and Black Shawl

You are not ‘the suit-types’ as you often say. Never mind! This meek item of a wardrobe, the black shawl, will dress up the sweater-jeans look. Rather the best winter combination hands-down is your favorite pair of jeans, a black shawl over your woolens and patent leather boots. Try it on!

Thought for the Mind:

With the weather change, the self-effacing black shawl will never fail you over any outfit. It is a winter staple in the wardrobe. Browse through all the designs and fabrics at www.pashmoda.com and you will be awestruck with the humongous variety. Don’t blame Pashmoda to spoil you for choices as you stand ready to face the winter dress-up challenge.

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