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Article: How to Wear a Summer Shawl? Top 5 Ways

How to Wear a Summer Shawl? Top 5 Ways

How to Wear a Summer Shawl? Top 5 Ways

Summer shawls are a piece of clothing that is quite useful and trendy in the warmer months of the year. A summer shawl can be useful to shield you from sunlight, put on an additional layer of clothing as the nights begin to get cooler or just add that extra flair to your outfit. This article will give you many summer shawl outfit ideas and easy summer shawl styling tips to help you get the best out of this trendy accessory. From cute ways to tie a summer shawl to stylish summer shawl looks, here are five tips.

  • The Classic Drape

The timeless and perhaps the most visually appealing style is the classic draping of the summer shawl. This traditional technique is ideal for displaying the work done on the shawl and adding elegance to the wearer’s appearance. For the sophisticated styling, all you need to do is drape the shawl over your shoulders and let it fall gently down the additional length of your arms. You can also trim it to length depending on your desire, either to ensure that it measures the same length on both sides creating symmetry or just trim it longer on one side than the other to create a dramatic look. This style is very flexible and goes well with a number of different outfits and occasions. 

For example, wearing a delicate, flowered shawl over a strapless dress gives the right effect for a garden party or a wedding. This is not only fashionable, but also offers a small amount of protection for the hair and scalp without being too hot and cumbersome. Choosing a shawl that has bright colours or crocheting one with distinct patterns can help achieve this. It is particularly suitable for rectangular or square shawls as they can drape well and do not need much fixating. Wearing the subtle drapery can capture the perfect mood to upgrade your summer outfit in both style and functionality.

  • The Belted Wrap

The belted wrap is an incredibly stylish and contemporary approach to a summer shawl; extremely useful when you need to introduce a sense of shape and definition. This elegant way not only draws attention to your shawl but also your waist, giving you an accentuated look. To achieve the belted wrap, place the shawl around your shoulders then cross the ends at the front. Put the shawl around your waist and fasten it with a belt to be on the safer side. It can be left dangling for a casual look or else pulled under the belt to achieve a neater appearance. This type of footwear is ideal to be worn with many types of clothes., For a fun free day wear, one should put on a delicate shawl over a sleeveless top and high-waist jeans. 

The belted wrap also gives an added interest in your style while working for the creation of your waistline. If you are going for a statement look, then it is recommended to wear a wide belt for visibility or a thin belt if you want discretion. This styling method is perfect for both long and short shawls because it enables you to play with the length and materials of the piece. So, get ready to give a fashionable twist to your summer dressing with the iconic belted wrap dress.

  • The Headscarf

Tying the shawl around he head as a hair accessory can be more appealing and helpful to mirror the fifties fashion icons while attempting to create an accessories haven. Although headscarves allow for modesty and easy movement, they can be wrapped or tied in different ways to reflect one’s fashion preference. A headscarf shields the hair from the sun and wind and hence helps keep the hair healthy throughout the day. Bohemian gipsies have remained forever trendy and thus the bohemian fashion has become one of the popular trends for a beach outing or a picnic. Bold headscarves make a charming and elegant statement when completed with oversized sunglasses.. Choose light and airy fabric to have a good experience, especially in hot climate.

  • The Sarong and the Dupatta Style

Turn your shawl into a fashionable beach cover up with the clever sarong look, ideal for the summer and holidays by the sea. One of the lightest shawl outfits is the sarong style, in this case, it’ll be easy to transition from swimming into casual wear. You can wrap it round your bust and tie it at the front for a more stylish and comfortable look. Not only does this method give you a chic way of concealing your swimsuit but it also ensures that you do not overheat when sunbathing by the pool or on the beach. Another favourite drape among the Indians is the shawl thrown over the right shoulder in a dupatta style. This style is not revealing and fashionable, which is ideal for going from the beach to a casual meal or walk. Accessorise with a beautiful shawl in a bright colour to accent your style further and choose fabrics that will not trap moisture to maintain comfort. The satisfaction of these styles enables one to enjoy his or her summer activities without compromising on fashion and comfort.

  • The Shrug

The shrug can best be described as a blend of a summer shawl, or a light stole that comes handy during the cool evenings. This is such a versatile style that it can complement the outfit while still making you warm and comfortable. Voile cotton, muslin, chiffon etc. these are light weight fabrics that are easily available in the Indian market and suitable for the construction of a shrug. These materials are light and sleek, they tend to allow air to pass through them and for this reason they are ideal for summer use. To bring a sense of ease into your look, you can wear a lace or crochet shrug over a sleeveless top and shorts. This classic combination brings class and retains the heat especially when the cold begins to bite. This style requires more coverage and drape than the previous one, and rectangular shawls are the most suitable for this cut. Sophisticated shrugs can be a perfect choice for a modern evening dinner during the summers. They can also compliment a more formal and professional environment. 

Additional Summer Shawl Hacks

In addition to these five ideas, there are many more cute ways to put on a summer shawl and brilliant summer shawl outfits. For example, try the waist tie by throwing a shawl around your neck and tying it like a belt over your body as you wear a dress or tunic. This introduces some sort of hue and you get the idea of narrowing at the waist region thus making it more elegant. Another playful place is the bag accessory, where you gather a small shawl or a scarf, and put it over the handle of the bag. You can also fold a small one into a strip and wrap it around your wrist as a bracelet and have another elegant piece of attire. Giving a new twist to your summer shawls is a fun and creative process, and it can definitely add a quirk to your summer outfits.

Choosing the Right Summer Shawl

Below are a few facts that can guide you when you are choosing a shawl for the summer season. Try to avoid heavy fabrics such as velvet, wool, or leather, as these textures tend to absorb heat and are more suitable for cold climates. Depending on what type of accessory you like, you should choose the size of the shawl – large ones allow creating more complex designs for tying round the neck and around the shoulders, while smaller ones can be used for simple scarves or bags’ decorations. Last but not least think about colour and design; it is always good to brave it out in choosing the right colour and pattern to go for during summer. Pick scarves that blend with your clothing and bring a splash of colour to your clothes to make the outfits instagram worthy and memorable.

A summer shawl is a perfect addition to your wardrobe, unlike popular belief that shawls are for winters. It all comes down to your personal style- whether you go with classic drapes or you want to experiment with creative wraps and sarongs, there are numerous ways you can carry a summer shawl. By incorporating these easy summer shawl styling tips, you are all set to create some style waves this season. So what’s stopping you? Start styling now! 

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