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Article: How to increase life of your pashmina shawl?

How to increase life of your pashmina shawl?
pashmina shawl

How to increase life of your pashmina shawl?

Practically speaking, Pashmina shawls are worth the investment. Cashmere wool not only keeps you warm and cosy but also exudes a touch of elegance and class.

After spending a handsome amount on your favourite pashmina shawls with beautiful Kashmiri embroidery, you definitely don’t want the shawl to meet its end before time. 

Washing any type of Kashmiri shawls in the washing machine or exposing them to moisture will in any case reduce the life of the shawl.

Here are some quick tips to enjoy the beauty of these celebrated luxurious fibre shawls for many years.


Always make sure to dry clean your pashmina shawl using organic solvents. Dry cleaning not only removes the dirt, soil and stains from the fabric but also helps in maintaining the colour and shape of the garment intact.

Another alternative is to wash your kalamkaari shawl in cold water using mild detergents such as baby shampoo. Let the woollen liquid or detergent get completely dissolved in water before soaking the stole or shawl.

Wash it very carefully and softly.

For drying, either hang the shawl or lay it down on a flat surface in shade. Let it dry slowly. Ideally, you should always dry the woollen clothes in shade away from sunlight.

For bigger garments, you can roll them in a towel to drench extra water before drying.

For routine wash of your normal shawls, you can use detergents or liquids meant for washing woollens. Never brush, rub or machine-wash them.


Pashmina is a very sensitive fiber; you need to take extra care while washing as well as storing it.

  • Always store your pashmina shawl in a muslin cloth. This avoids the development of lint and other short fibers that may separate from the surface of the yarn.

  • Store it inside-out and fold properly. Prefer moth-proof stuff. You can use dried neem leaves to protect your shawl from moths, silverfish etc. Lavender sachets have also the properties of moth repellants.

  • For long storage duration, go for plastic zip bags or vacuum bags that are impenetrable by moths.

  • Avoid using naphthalene balls as they can give a permanent smell to the shawls and hamper the beauty.

  • If you aren’t using plastic bags, then open your stuff once in a month to aerate them and mitigate the development of moths.

Routine Care

During the winter season, you need to take utmost care of your fabric to make it long-lasting. Follow these tips while wearing and keeping them back in your wardrobe.

  • After every wear, brush them off using a soft brush as they catch dust and dirt easily.

  • Always fold your shawl and store it properly to keep the material crisp. Never hang the fabric as it leads to stretching of the fabric and the shape may get lost.

  • It is not advisable to wear the same pashmina every day. Take a gap of 2-3 days when you plan to wear it again.

  • Don’t wear rough clothes, metal jewellery or anything sharp under your shawl that may cause pilling.


Ironing is the best way to keep shawls away from any kind of moisture. Always use a protective cloth above the shawl while ironing and keep your iron at low temperature.

Keep Your Pashmina Clean & Beautiful Forever

Follow these tips to take good care of your Kashmiri and kalamkari shawls and pass this to your posterity. They will surely cherish and treasure them.

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