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Article: How to Clean & Care for Wool Clothing?

How to Clean & Care for Wool Clothing?
Wool Clothing

How to Clean & Care for Wool Clothing?

Does the shrinking of your jamawar shawl leave you quivering? Read the article to get insights on how to take care of your woollens to make them look new every time you wear them.

Wool is one of the fabrics that not only offers you deep warmth but is moisture-wicking in nature as well. Washing wool isn’t that tedious as it appears.  Wool is a natural odour, stain and crease-resistant fabric that typically requires less washing. But, you need to be gentle towards it when it comes to caring and washing wool.

Keep your favourite kalamkari shawls, designer stoles and scarves collection as fresh as you’ve just brought them from the showroom with these easy DIY wool care tips.

How to take care of woollens in between washes?

The best way to keep the fibres of your favourite woollens intact is to wash them when necessary. Woollens have self-regulating fibres that don’t need to be laundered as often as other fabrics such as cotton, rayon etc. You can keep your woollens all-time new with these tips.

  • If you stained your woollens, try to clean them immediately with a mild detergent or a gentle woollen liquid solution by blotting the stained area with water.
  • Buy a good lint remover and remove all the pilled wool, pet hair or lint before storing.

  • Always keep the woollens in the air before storing them for the next season.

  • At the end of the season, wash them one last time before storing them.

  • Add a bug deterrent to keep the moths, silverfish and carpet beetles at bay while storing the woollens for next season.

How to wash the woollens?

When you need to wash the woollens scarves or other items, keep these points in mind:

Hand wash

Always wash mufflers, scarves, designer stoles and your favourite pashmina shawls in cold water. Use one cap of the wool washing detergent or liquid in a bucket filled with tepid water. Keep the woollens soaked for few minutes and then rinse properly till the garments are soap-free and no soapy residue is left.

Don’t wring out the clothes rather just squeeze the extra water with your hands and fingers. Just hang the garment using a padded hanger when it’s not too wet. This will help to retain the shape of your favourite kullu shawl.

Machine wash

  • The modern washing machines available in the market have a “wool cycle” or handwash written on their panel for soft fabrics. Use a delicate cycle to wash your woollens.
  • Turn your woollen clothes inside out before washing. 
  • Always add an extra rinse cycle when you are washing woollens.
  • Wash your fabrics in cold water to avoid shrinking and getting pilled. 
  • Use a detergent dedicated to woollens only. Or, you can use Ezee, Genteel, Reetha etc for washing.

How to dry woollens?

Make sure to air dry your woollens rather than tumble dry as tumble drying in your washing machine can shrink the fabric. If you have washed your favourite embroidery shawl by hand, roll it in a towel to squeeze out the excess water. In case you have washed it in a washing machine, you can re-shape it by laying it in a clean towel and leave it to air dry.

How to discard woollens?

With proper care, woollens can last for years. So, if you are fed up with your old things and want to try the best shawl brands in India then donate your old woollens. Rather than discarding, this small initiative could help a needy stay warm in the upcoming winters.

Using the right care tips for your woollens can help you preserve your kalamkaari and cashmere shawls for many winters. Want to stay in trend and wear the most authentic and traditional woollen stoles, scarves and shawls?

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