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5 different ways to style a shawl for men Blog
5 different ways to style a shawl for men
SHAWL FOR MEN February 24, 2022

Woolen shawls are a piece of fabric which can protect you from severe cold. But, draping shawls for men can be a bit tricky at times. Some people assume woolen shawls are meant only for women. Also, men often ridicule draping woolen shawls and consider them as a clumsy item. They presume that woolen shawls will subdue the versatility of their outfit.

Are you one of those who crave to drape woolen shawls?

Shawls for men are available in a variety of ranges and patterns. The subsequent styles of draping woolen shawls can be your savior from the severe cold. Not only this, they can serve as a style statement.

The article highlights 5 different ways to style woolen shawls for men. 

  1. The Muffler Way:

The first way of styling shawls for men is to wrap them like a muffler. This style will look pleasant on any outfit you wear. Neutral colored woolen shawls are best for this style. Buy shawls online to wear it like a muffler. This can be done in two ways-

  1. Double-Fold-
  • Take one of your favorite woolen shawls and fold it along with its length.
  • Put it around your neck and shoulders.
  • Loop it around your neck and bring both the ends of the shawl to your front.
  • Adjust the tightness and the length of the shawl.
  1. Single-Fold-
  • Put the woolen shawl around your neck.
  • Bring both the ends to the front.
  • Take one end of the woolen shawl and put it across your adjacent shoulder.
  • Take that end to your back.
  • Secure the shawl on the shoulder with a safety pin, if need be.
  1. The Fall Style:  Another very easy yet stylish way of styling woolen shawls for men is wear it the fall style. If you don’t have woolen shawls yet, buy shawls online or from your local store. To drape the woolen shawls in fall style, you need to-
  • Adjust the width of the shawl along with its length.
  • Hang it around your shoulders and let it fall to your front.
  • Adjust the size of the woolen shawls and it’s done.
  • Shawls for men can also be hidden under a long coat. It looks elegant and keeps you cozy at the same time.
  1. Make a Parisian Knot:  This style looks very classy. At the same time, the woolen shawls draped in this style are bound to keep you warm and protected from the winters. Topping it on with a jacket will make you appear really smart.
  • First, adjust the width of your woolen shawls.
  • Then, fold the shawl lengthwise.
  • Put the shawl across your neck.
  • Take the loose ends of the shawl from one side together.
  • Pass the loose ends through the other end (the loop) of the shawl.
  • Tighten the shawl a little bit.
  1. Be a Contemporary Maharaja:  Shawls for men can be styled with the festive sherwani or kurta pajamas. Use your woolen shawls as your style statement. Buy shawls online or from a store nearby to win the style game.
  1. The Bonedi-bari vibe-
  • Wear a white kurta pajama.
  • You will need one of those black embroidered woolen shawls.
  • Fold the shawl into half.
  • Drape it across your left shoulder equally at the front and back.
  • Take the back loose end to the front across your right arm to your left arm.
  • Secure the end of the shawl on your left shoulder with a brooch.
  1. The Authority vibe-
  • Adjust the width of the shawl lengthwise.
  • Drape it across your left shoulder equally at the front and back.
  • Take the back end to make a loop on your right arm.
  • Secure with a safety pin, if need be.
  1. Just Drape It:

The winter chills are severe and you need to be protected. Woolen shawls for men come in handy at this time. You may also choose to-

  1. Drape-

Wrap the shawl around your upper torso and you’re good to go. 

  1. Layer-

 Wrap multiple layers of the shawl around your neck after adjusting the width of the shawl. Keep ends equal on both sides.

 Now, never let yourself be dreaded by the debasement of your styling. Shop for shawls online.