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Article: What to Look for in a Scarf and Shawl Sale?

What to Look for in a Scarf and Shawl Sale?

What to Look for in a Scarf and Shawl Sale?

Sales are that time of the year when your adrenaline gushes higher than the rest of the year. Irrespective of what and how much you shopped during the season, sales tempt you to buy your favorite winter accessories at relatively lesser prices and you may desire to stock up the ladies’ scarf, shawls and stoles for the next season as well.  

However you need to be watchful of what you buy so that you do not buy a defected or unnecessary item in trade-off for a lower price. Pashmoda, India’s most trusted name in shawls and stoles, announces its annual sale by the month of February and lets its clients buy the best ladies’ shawls, men’s shawls, stoles and scarves for women and men. You can never go wrong if you buy from a reputed online brand like Pashmoda.

3 Tips to Buy the Best in Sales

The stylists at Pashmoda insist that just because it is on sale doesn’t imply that it is less fashionable. You must act smart and look fashionable at a lesser cost and save money. The winter accessories are pieces that will remain in fashion throughout the fall and the winter season.

Stocking up the best shawls and stoles in sales will make you an intelligent shopper. However you must keep in mind the following three tips to shop winter smart:

1.  Understand the Discount Policy and Limitations

Some pieces of shawls and scarves are expensive because of hand-woven fabrics, intricate embroideries and the brand they belong to. It is understandable to pay through the nose for Kashmiri embroideries, Aari work or Zardozi embellished shawls.

However it must be kept in mind that not all shawls and scarves are necessarily extravagantly priced and you need to study the justification of the price and the quality of the fabric.

Pashmoda is the most reasonably priced online fashion house for shawls and scarves for both men and women. And if you wait for the annual sales at Pashmoda, you’ll feel like a million buck with your favorite pieces off the price. The women and men’s shawls and stoles are fast moving items and Pashmoda continues to re-stock new deigns and collections swiftly for which they put the relatively older pieces on discount.

As a smart shopper, learn and understand how old the item is, how much discount you can get and what is the best price you can get for the stole you love. Set aside a budget for shawls and stoles for yourself and gifting them to near and dear ones. Make sure you do not land up putting a dent in your pocket.

2.  Know the Return Policy

It is very important to read and understand the return policy of the brand when you shop during sales. There may be a chance that you get a compromised shade of the shawl or the item turns out to be defective. In that case, the more flexible the brand is, the better it is to shop during sales.  

‘What if the color doesn’t suit you or what if the fabric is damaged’ are some instances you need to exchange the shawl or stole. You must read within the lines to see if the brand offers credit, refund or exchange of the item. Some brands may be reluctant to get the piece back to the store as the initial idea of putting it on discount was to get rid of the piece.

For the most reputable exchange policy, you must visit the best shawls online store Pashmoda, where they either give you a credit or exchange the piece depending on the policy of the piece. ‘Shop stress-free’ is the mantra of the brand.

3.  Analyze the Right Time to Buy

You may want to buy the most trendy shawls and stoles as soon as they are launched. However for the basics and staples, you must wait to grab them at the right price during sales.

Do analyze which is the best time to buy without making a hole in the picket. You must read the discount policies and timings of the discounts the brands offer. Shopping a little late in the season may get you great deals. For shawls and stoles which are in demand all the time of the year, there may be relatively less or no discounts. However you may get good discounts on stoles and shawls which are fashionable and valid for a season or two.

Shop at the right time, in the right month from the best online store and get the ‘perfect’ prices.

Over to YouShopping is a therapy and when brands like Pashmoda offer the best online deals, shopping becomes a pleasure.  Know the brand ideologies and the best time to shop and you’ll get bang for your bucks while you stay suave and stylish. To check out the best deals for the most authentic fabrics and designs, log on to India’s premium online shawls and stoles store -Pashmoda.

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