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Women Black Woven Design Jamawar Shawl (Size 101X203 CM)

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Size : 40X80 Inches, 101X203 CM

Jamawar shawls, a symbol of regality, trace their origins to Kashmir. Meticulously woven with luxurious threads, they flaunt intricate paisleys and motifs. These opulent creations exude elegance, draping you in heritage. Whether draped traditionally or with a contemporary twist, Jamawar shawls radiate timeless sophistication and cultural allure.

Gracefully drape the Pashmoda shawl over your shoulders, allowing its intricate patterns to shine. Pair it with formal wear for a touch of opulence, or wrap it loosely with casual attire for a fusion of tradition and modernity. The Kaani shawl's elegance elevates any outfit, making it a versatile fashion statement.

Care Instructions: Dry Clean Recommended.