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Article: How to Style Your Summer Scarves and Stoles

How to Style Your Summer Scarves and Stoles

How to Style Your Summer Scarves and Stoles

What could be more inspiring than experimenting with new accessories during summer which provides delicacy to the outfit? Scarves and stoles are considered accessories that can change the outfit and the mood of the person wearing them, as well as being functional items that are appreciated for various reasons. From lightweight stole outfit ideas for women to stylish summer stole looks, here's everything you need to know about wearing a stole in warm weather.

  1. The Loop Around

The loop around is quite a relaxed manner of sporting a summer stole, which is perfect if you want to add intensity and style to your ordinary outfit. To attain this look, fold the stole along the length of the fabric and then drape it around the neck and the shoulders. Next, grab one end of the headband and wrap it around your neck one more time and let both ends sit in front. This style is perfect with a plain t-shirt and denims or a casual summer dress making it easily comfortable while it lends elegance to your cloth. When it comes to choosing a stole, for more fun, you should go for a stole that has a brighter pattern or brighter colours. Cotton or chiffon material is perfect to wear, since they can easily mould to the figure, and due to the lightness, they are great in hot weather. If going for a casual day with friends or just for errands, the loop around style is a perfect simple and stylish way to spruce up your summer look in a jiffy.

  1. The Shoulder Toss

Another method of incorporating a pretty piece of summer stole is the shoulder toss. To emulate this, you can just wear the stole across your neck and wrap one end of it over your shoulders to the back and let it dangle over the other side of your back. Due to the rather low coverage these are ideally worn with a sleeveless top or a strapless dress. Overall, they will refine your style for good. For instance, to draw attention to the stole, choose a contrasting pattern with a solid dress. This method is fantastic with longer stoles because they can easily glide down the body and will look very fluid. For a summer party or even an informal occasion, this shoulder toss style simply adds an enhancement to your otherwise ordinary attire, yet remaining classy.

  1. The Infinity Loop

In the Infinity loop, a stole can be easily wrapped around your shoulders and back, staying in the proper position all the time keeping it fuss free for you. Take the end corners of the stole and tie them together in a manner that forms a circular ring. Place the band around your neck, use your fingers to form a loop, and ensure you wear that neck loop also. Due to its simplicity, it may easily be worn with an indian kurti, a blouse and short, or a summer dress and would complement the. Probably, longer lightweight stoles are the best for this method due to ease in twisting and draping them. As a result, they add a much needed liveliness in the summers while also being practical and stylish. The infinity loop carries out a modern touch to your outfit as well as makes you appear chic any time of the day.

  1. The Knotted Necklace

A straightforward yet innovative style is the knotted necklace style in which you can wear your summer stole almost like a statement necklace. Wearing the stole in this way is as easy as it gets: lay the stole in a manner that it is parallel to the ground and bring it round the neck. Then, form a number of little knots from the middle of the stole to the end of the fabric by being careful to leave the ends frayed. This creative style looks great in combination with a plain t-shirt or an oversized shirtdress, and gives you a cool look. Select a stole fabric that will be easily foldable, in a light fabric such as silk or chiffon to achieve the right knot and flare. The tie around the neck comes not only as a simple accessory for the summer clothing, but as a stylish addition to your personality.

  1. The Wrap Shawl

The shawl type wrap can be worn when one feels cold or needs to be covered. To style it, drape it around the shoulders and let it drop down your arms. Take one end and cross it to your shoulder to the side of the body where the other end of the robe is, and do the same for the other end of the robe. It is fine for the evenings or for any location where it is air-conditioned, and can be suitable to wear with a cocktail dress, a cocktail saree, or a partywear suit. If you are going to be wearing your stole for an extended period of time then it would be wise to select one which is made from a material which is light and breathable as the priority here is to elevate your look rather than keep you too warm on a summer night.

Additional Summer Stole Hacks

Other than the above five ways, there are other cute styling methods that can be done with a summer stole and how to look stylish in summer. As bows are the trend of the season, you can put the stole around the shoulders and fold it over at the front, creating a bow that is quirky, fresh, and young. The Headband style, which involves folding the stole and putting it around the head as a band, helps keep hair off the face and also provides a fashionable look for the summer brunch days. As an example for Boho-Chic, one could wear the stole as a belt around hips over a maxi dress or a skirt for a laid-back beach style. 

Choosing the Right Stole

As mentioned above, the perfect summer is made of fabrics which are light in nature such as cotton, linen, silk or chiffon. Also, prefer fun patterns and light coloured clothes. Concerning the size of the stole it should be able to meet your styling requirement; commonly the larger stoles are more versatile while the smaller stoles are quite suitable for simple styling such as the headscarf or as a bag accessory. Summer is an ideal time to go for bright and loud accessories and thus stoles should be selected carefully in terms of colours and pattern options that would perfectly suit your summer wardrobe.

Maintaining Your Summer Stoles

If you don’t want your summer stoles to look dull or worn out soon, then you must follow a few preventive care tips. The proper washing technique plays an important role and it is recommended that you always check the care label first. In general, all lightweight ‘delicates’ can be washed in cold water and with a mild detergent for the most part. It is essential not to twist, turn or ring out the facility in order to avoid damaging the material. To dry, spread the stole flat to dry as this prevents fading due to direct sunlight. If you want to use a dryer, choose a low heat option. Stoles should also be stored in a dry place with low temperature, that will prevent fabric from becoming damaged during ongoing use. Make sure they are properly aligned without creases and folds as this may spoil the look when draped. When wrapping pieces of clothing such as silk, it is recommended that you use acid-free tissue paper as it offers an extra layer of protection to the fabric. 

Well, how to wear your summer scarves and stoles should not pose a problem now that you have the aforementioned tips to stylishly wear these accessories. Ranging from the simple flowing drape to more elaborate wraps and knots, these pieces can elevate any outfit and offer practical solutions to beat the heat. Thus, by learning these easy summer scarf styling tips, you will have a banger of an #OOTD. It’s also important to wear light and airy fabrics considering the heat so it is also alright to be creative with colours of your scarves and stoles. So, put your style brain to work and create some fabulous looks starting now! 

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