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Article: 8 Surprising Things about Kashmir Shawls

8 Surprising Things about Kashmir Shawls
Kashmir Shawls

8 Surprising Things about Kashmir Shawls

Luxury, high-quality and opulence make the Kashmiri shawls standout. They offer a balanced warmth and comfort with style. A pure Kashmiri Pashmina shawl is truly a timeless masterpiece that has a rich legacy of over 500+ years.

Kashmir shawls are a symbol of luxury and elegance. Only a woman knows the feeling of wearing kashmiri shawls. The most important quality of these shawls is their softness. Here are some interesting and surprising facts about Kashmiri shawls that you never knew!

  1. Also Known as Pashmina Shawls

Kashmiri embroidery Shawls are also known as pashmina shawls because they are made from the hair of pashmina goats which are found on the high plains of Tibet and Nepal. These shawls are considered to be the symbol of royalty. These pashmina goats are rarely found and the fleece they produce is also limited.

  1. A Source Of Employment

The making of these shawls has given employment to a lot of people. The pashmina fibres are manually sorted and cleaned before the weaving process. The undercoat of these goats has dandruff and other impurities which are cleaned first. Then the fibres are sent for weaving.

  1. High Quality and Expensive

The quality of all types of kashmiri shawls is amazing and the wool used is very soft and fine. Most of the international brands use these Indian shawls for sale as they are made using one of the finest and superior quality wool in the international market.

 The price of these shawls is very high as it is very fine wool made by highly skilled weavers and has unique embroidery. Until 19th century these shawls were made with hands. It took six months to one year to make one shawl.

Earlier pashmina wool was not dyed so these shawls were mostly brown, white, grey and black in colour.  Later, they were dyed with colours of blue, red, yellow according to the changing fashion. The Kashmiri shawls were famous among the rulers of that time also.

  1. Pattern of Shawls

We can identify these shawls by the softness of pure pashmina or by the skill of the work.  In the 17th century the floral patterns were famous on the Kashmir shawls as Mughal emperors favoured flower designs in their textiles, architecture and works of art.

  1. Different ways to wear Kashmir Shawls

Traditionally, both women and men kashmiri shawls have been famous with an exception to wearing style.The way of wearing these shawls also depends on the  pattern or designing of these shawls.

 If the shawls have all over work than it would be draped over the shoulders or wrapped around the body.  If only borders of the shawls are woven than it would be better to wear them around neck like a scarf or we can also tie the shawl around the waist.

  1. Kashmir Shawls: A Sign of Royalty                                      

The Kashmiri shawls are considered to be antique and a sign of royalty even today. It is a fact that kashmiri fabrics in India are eight times warmer than normal sheep wool. Most pashmina shawls are of natural cream colour. These shawls have a high demand in the international fabric industry especially in the US and European markets.

 Woolen Kashmiri shawls have become a status symbol over past few years. The people who wore Kashmir shawls are considered of high class. We cannot ignore the fact that a lot of people are earning their livelihood by engaging themselves in different stages of production of these shawls. It takes a lot of time to weave one pashmina shawl.

  1. Weaving of Shawls need skilled workers

Pashmina designer shawls online that are available across many ecommerce platforms are hand woven by skilled and expert artisans of Kashmir. These shawls are not a cup of tea for any other craftsmen. They require expertise and adept skills to perform such a magnificent piece of work. This art of weaving finest Kashmiri embroidery is passed on from one generation to other and has become a tradition in Kashmir.


  1. Need proper care and storage

Whether you buy kashmiri shawls online or approach a local wholeseller or retailer, kashmiri shawls and hand embroidery designs need special care and storage precautions. Keeping them unused for a longer time can damage their fibers.

Use a mild detergent or woolen specialist to wash them.

Buy pure and classy Kashmir shawls from Pashmoda. The trendy and vibrant designs by Pashmoda are just like a wine that intoxicates us with its texture and its softness. Buy pashmina shawls online today and delve into the world of sophistication and elegance.

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