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Article: Revamp Your Wardrobe With “aari Embroidery”

Revamp Your Wardrobe With “aari Embroidery”
aari Embroidery

Revamp Your Wardrobe With “aari Embroidery”

Women have always been fascinated by embroidery work. ‘Aari Embroidery’ or ‘Aari kaari’ is one such work which has always been in trend. This is one piece of fabric which is a must have for women in their wardrobe. Pashmoda is one such place where you can find all varieties of delicate hand work and fine textured aari fabric especially embroidered shawls.

Why it is time to revamp your wardrobe with Aari embroidery?

Thread and needle work are two friends which go hand in hand. Embroidery done on any piece of fabric brings life to it. One such unique type which exists is – Aari Kaari or Aari Embroidery work. It dates back to the time when a Persian craftsman incidentally got fascinated by a fowl’s feet print on a fabric in the Kashmir valley.

Moving on, the mocha community’s needle with a hook at the end was used for the aari kaari. There are a lot of similarities between crochet work and Aari kaari. The fabric is stretched on a wooden mould and with the help of lead pencil, the design is drawn.

This is followed by the thread work using a pen-like needle with a hook at the end (known as aari). Embellishments such as beads, stones, threads, etc. are used to create distinctive patterns.

Blend of Warmth and Fashion:

Winter Chills – If you want yourself to be protected from them then don’t wait more. Woolen aari embroidered shawls, suits and caps will keep you warm. At the same time, it will definitely make you feel stylish. Embroidered shawls are perfect for the season and bound to grab the attention of the onlooker.

Aari Embroidery is Universal:

The Aari embroidery textiles are a symbol of royalty, great detail and transcending culture. You can find aari embroidery from a cap of a baby, gloves, handbags, footwear to the embroidered shawls of an old lady.

You can buy shawls online or from a local store. But surely the time has arrived to revamp your wardrobe with Aari Embroidery. These are suitable for people of all ages, and gender. It will never go out of trend.

Festive Aari Embroidery:

If you’re in search of traditional attire this festive season, go for Aari Embroidery. Pair your plain blouse with Lehengas, Chaniya Cholis, Saris and embroidered shawls with aari work which will look so royal and elegant.

If you are a bride or a bridesmaid, a blend of tradition and elegance has to be your choice.  Aari embroidered textiles are available at Pashmoda in a huge variety.   You can also pair your festive apparel with Aari Kaem, Crewel work or Chain stitch embroidered shawls or dupattas.

Distinctive motifs and patterns:

The beauty of the Kashmir valley is depicted in the form of aari embroidery. The most common motifs used are lotus, grapevine, peacock, chinar, pomegranate, etc. Abstractions of birds, animals, nature, and flowers are used on the embroidered shawls, dupattas, caps, kurtas, etc. If you are a nature lover, these designs will fascinate you. Patterns of aari embroidery shawls with floral pattern, full embroidery, Aksi (single side embroidery) and Dorukha (both sides embroidery) are available at Pashmoda.

Minimalist yet Daily /Casual Attire:

If you want to appear sophisticated yet stylish, aari embroidered textile is one of the best options. It would be best to wear a plain or minimal aari kaari suit with a lightly or heavily aari embroidered shawl or dupattas. Neutral shoes would be the best option. You can also go for aari embroidery patterned footwear to match your outfit.

Aari Embroidery Accessories:

Look around. You will be able to find at least one aari embroidery accessory in your wardrobe. If not, you can buy aari embroidered handbags, clutches, potli bags, footwear, jewellery, stoles and shawls online. Aari embroidery patterned jewellery including earrings, neck pieces, chokers, bracelets, and bangles are gaining much popularity today.

Promote skilled work and women empowerment:

Artisans are trained in Aari embroidery work, especially in south India. You will not just look versatile wearing the Aari Embroidery textile but also help in promoting women empowerment and employment generation. So, buying embroidered shawls online will be a thought-provoking step towards the betterment of our country.

Though the Aari Embroidery work process is a tedious one, the results are alluring. Buy Aari kaari on Pashmoda to feel beautiful.

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