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Article: How to Style Your Kani Shawl for Your Everyday Look

How to Style Your Kani Shawl for  Your Everyday Look

How to Style Your Kani Shawl for Your Everyday Look

Are you as obsessed with the Kani Shawl as we are? With the world of fashion becoming more and more inclusive (and at the same time diverse), this might be one of the best years for us to spice up our winter wardrobe with the eternal designer piece of clothing—the Kashmiri pashmina shawl. Today, we dedicate our time not only to following the different ways to style the one and only Kani but also to understanding the history and beauty of an authentic Kashmiri stole.

A Brief History Of Kani Shawls: Why You Must Own One

The Paradise of Kashmir is known for its high-quality fabric production and specialized handicrafts in wool and silk. Pashmina is one such luxury artwork that is acclaimed by fashion lovers across the world, but very few know about its unique subform, Kani.

Kani is one of the oldest handicrafts from the Jammu and Srinagar valleys, having been around since the Mughal Era (some historians say that traces of this artwork can be found beyond 3000 BC in the past). Akbar himself collected as a hobby.

The original birthplace of this art style is Kanihama, a village so immersed in the creation of high-quality shawls that the government of Jammu and Kashmir has declared it illegal for shawls made anywhere else in Kashmir to be known as Kani.

Even today, Kashmiri shawls in Kanihama are weaved using small wooden needles. They have highly detailed, vibrant, and miniature artwork covering the shawl from top to bottom. The rivers follow a geometrically accurate design to make sure all proportions are recreated with precision.

Distinguishing The Speciality Of Kani Shawls

The rich history of Kani shawls in Kashmir only serves to prove how important it is for us to preserve this disappearing art form. There are only 2000 original Kani artisans left in India today, all of whom take months to produce an authentic, traditional shawl. Buyers can recognize such an authentic shawl by looking for certain signs.

Kani artists use shining, extra-long strands of fine pashmina wool picked from the underbelly of local Tibetan and Ladakh mountain goats. The fibers are as thin as 12 microns.Kani techniques use wooden needles called ‘Tojis’ and follow a design from graph-like paper to interlock individual threads with each other. They are different from Jamdani shawls, although they might look similar at first glance.
Artists who produce original work have been taught to do so through traditional ‘Talim’ in the area of Kanihama. This Talim has existed in their family for 10 or more generations.
The design is vibrant and does not fade away with time. An authentic Kani has around 30 or more colors woven into the same shawl.
Even though these shawls produce a lot of warmth and look very heavy, they feel lightweight and soft.

8 Awesome Ways To Style Kani Shawls For Everyday

  • Pair With A Saree

The 2020s are all about bringing ethnic clothing back, and the queen of Indian clothing for women is the saree. Several timeless and activating luxury waves like the Banarasi, Kanjivaram, Muga Silk, and Patan Patola will serve to accentuate the class and richness of your Kani Shawl in a quiet, old-money way.
This is a look that you can wear in the office, at seminars, or even on a regular, casual day out with friends and family. This look will make you take center stage at any everyday event in a respectful and dignified way.

  • Wear It As A Dupatta

Another way to do ethnic things is the Kurta. Kurta and Kurtis have become perfect companions to patialas, churidars, shararas, and even long skirts. All of these are heritage wear and can reflect the history of your birthplace.
You can do your dupatta across one shoulder, wrap it around your neck, or place it over your head like we usually do with a pheran. Not only that, the dupatta shawl is necessary any time you choose to wear an anarkali, lehenga, or ghagra choli in the wintertime. Always choose handmade items to maintain the standard of your look!

  • Say No To Boring Coats

Coats have become a staple for working women all through the winter months. They are dull and monochrome, and they might not reflect your personality too well. The good news is that you can always switch them up with the right Kashmiri pashmina shawl!
For this, you wear your shirt over both your shoulders so that they cover your arms. Then, you can either tie the ends behind your chest or attach the sides over your chest using a brooch. Help the colors on your Kani pop with the help of a neutral-colored trouser or a flowy skirt.

  • The Asymmetrical Wrap

There are many ways to introduce some geometric wonder to your overall look through an asymmetrical wrap. One way of doing this is by throwing your shawl around your upper body and letting one hang below your arms while the other is carefully pinned at your shoulder.
Another way to do this is to keep the center part of the wrap extended and the edges shorter, like a diamond. Asymmetry displays a sense of freedom, boldness, and experimentation; all of these are bound to look gorgeous on you when balanced out with some high-quality accessories.

  • A Belt and Boots

Talking of accessories, boots can never bring a shawl look down. Different types of boots that will look amazing with your Kani include the Wedge, Cowboy, Chelsea, Wellingtons, knee-high, and, of course, the classic riding boot.
Add a layer of mystery and charm to your look with the right buckle belt—according to the occasion, you can either go for a statement belt or a minimalist one! For outfits with an amazing neckline or a backless design, this is the best way to sport a Kashmiri shawl. If you can match the undertones of your boat to the materials of your belt, you get some additional points!

  • The Oversized Wrap: Like a Runway Model!

Recently, luxury designers have become obsessed with mesmerizing, substantial shawls that fall over the edge of our shoulders and cover our busts like oversized tops. This look is further characterized by the numerous folds that look like gigantic sleeves and collars.
The perfect way to accessorize this look is with some faux fur and Indo-Western jewelry. Oversized shawls are super comfortable and look similar to blanket scarves. Once again, this is an awesome way to flaunt every inch of the lively prints on your Kani.

  • A Regal Head Scarf

Wearing a headscarf during winter is a privilege, and it is indeed a matter of great pride to spice up our look by introducing unique ways of styling a veil. For this, put all your hair in a neat bun and pin it down. Then use your kani to cover your head, ears, and neck. This will effortlessly protect you from the shivering cold!
Some of us like to wear a little beanie inside our head scarf. Others prefer to tie a knot similar to that of a muffler around their neck. Yet others love it when the shawl falls over the shoulders and reaches their arms in neat, crisp folds!

  • The 2000’s Front-Tie

Kani shawls are, undoubtedly, full of colors. Therefore, a great way to flaunt this article of clothing is to wear it all over our chest and back. Gathering it all around the top half of your body can look heavy, so instead add some salute by tying the front ends of your shall in a neat little bow across your torso.
At first glance, your Kani will now look like an expensive cardigan. Pay attention to the drapes and pleats to enhance the look. This is indeed as simple as it sounds, but the trick is so flexible that you can easily introduce as many customizations to this look as you want!


A pure pashmina shawl price, such as that of a Kani, can be a lot, but this is indeed a luxury purchase that you will be proud of throughout your life. Pashminas speak of class and taste; they are an article of winter clothing that will never go out of style. These days, we all love investing in designer clothing and accessories. Why not choose something that not only enhances our understanding of the traditional Indian heritage but also supports the artwork of skilled craftspeople who have kept this process intact for thousands of years?

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