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Article: What is the Best way to Care for Shawls?

What is the Best way to Care for Shawls?

What is the Best way to Care for Shawls?

As the effect of chill in the winter reduces, you must be in the process of planning to pack heavy winter clothes. This certainly is a time consuming process and calls for great care and caution. Winter blazers, jackets, coats, sweaters and shawls for both men and women have to be packed with due wash and dry cleaning. Have you ever faced problem of lint and insects in the most priced item of clothing- shawls? Have you thought of increasing the life of shawls and scarves for men and women merely by just taking proper care?

Pashmoda is India’s best online store of shawls and stoles for men and women across India. Beautiful hand woven pieces with intricate embroideries, vibrant hues and eclectic color combinations are the trademark of Pashmoda. Each piece speaks volumes about its craftsmanship and excellence in quality. Well, it does qualify the generation test and can be easily passed on to your next generation. This calls for meticulous care and handling when the season is changing. Pashmoda is the right name you can endorse and pass on as a legacy to your future generations.

What are the Best Ways to Care for Shawls and Stoles?

Shawls and stoles are not only expensive but relatively priced items which you would want to flaunt with the onset of next winter season. You must read the care instructions and follow them to increase the longevity of the shawls and stoles for men and women.

Here are a few tips curated by the specialists at India’s best and most reliable brand of winter accessories-Pashmoda:

  1. Prefer Dry cleaning

It is advisable to get the shawls, stoles, scarves and lohis dry-cleaned from a reliable dry cleaner. They are likely to clean it and pack it in the most ideal way so that it can be easily and neatly stored.

  1. Wash Manually

In case you are not comfortable sending your Pashmoda heritage collection to a dry-cleaning agency, you may opt to wash it home. Make sure the detergent is as mild as baby soap and do not use hard brush or tough rinsing to clean it. Wash it gently in luke-warm water. (Hot water has adverse effects on the quality of the fabric and can lead to shrinkage. 20-30 degree is the most ideal temperature of water for wash and rinse.

  1. Rinse and Drying

Adequate care must be taken to rinse the shawl so that there is no residual soap in it. Also gently rinse it in mild water and let it dry at room temperature. Direct sunlight should be avoided.

The experts at Pashmoda suggest even while drying hang it well so that the fabric doesn’t sag or droop under the weight of water. Gently press the excess water out with hands and let it dry flat on a towel.

Heat is bad for the shawl, so do not put the shawls and stoles in a dryer.

  1. Ironing Instructions

Always iron at lowest possible heat. Once the shawl is clean, washed, dried and ironed, it is ready to be packed.

  1. Packing Instructions

An ideal piece of shawl or stole must be packed carefully in zip locks or tissue papers in which it is originally sent. It should be packed in drawers or closets away from sunlight.

You may add Naphthalene balls or any moth-repellants in the drawer or close but do not bring the balls in direct contact with the shawl.

  1. Tip of the Day

A golden tip from the experts at Pashmoda is to let the fabric breathe for its longer life. Once in 2-3 months, unzip the packets or leave the drawers or closet open with air circulating in them so that piece can breathe literally.

  1. Pilling Instructions

Pilling is the shedding of extra balls of fiber from where there is friction. A new Cashmere or Pashmina shawl is likely to pill when it is new. It is a natural phenomenon and in order to reduce pilling, you must wash and dry or dry-clean the shawl properly.

Final Words

Pashmoda shawls and stoles are symbols of sartorial elegance and superiority. Right from highlighting the essence of culture with your Indian suits and dresses, the modern prints and shawls make Pashmoda pieces a perfect accessory to highlight your western silhouettes. The glam effect of sequined shawls is the latest party trend in the winter season. For pure luxury and the perfect gift to be bestowed to the next generation, you must take good care of the shawls and stoles. Take care of the humble pieces with love and affection and they will reciprocate the same in softness and sheen for years to come.

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