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Article: 5 Ways To Style Your Pashmina Stole This Winter

5 Ways To Style Your Pashmina Stole This Winter
Pashmina Stole

5 Ways To Style Your Pashmina Stole This Winter

Pashmina stoles are a classic and timeless accessory that most of the divas love to drape in traditional style. But, to accentuate the look and be counted as the true fashionista, you need to add a bit of contemporary styling.

This styling not only makes you look trendy but also enhances the appeal of your pashmina stole. Gear up for these 5 hot and trending ways to wear style your woollen stole to cast a head-turning impression.

1.       The knotted necklace style

If you struggle carrying the stole in the traditional way, then switch to this knotted necklace style. It gives you a chic look as well as prevents you from the hassles of carrying the long flare.


  • Take your woolen stole and wrap it around your neck.
  • After that, start with one end of the stole and carefully wrap it around your hand. Make a loose knot on this side of the stole with your hands.
  • Now, take the other end and pass it through this side knot by pulling it under the knot loop. And then take it over.
  • This gives the right and perfect knotted necklace style look.

Try it out on this beautiful pure wool Nalki embroidered stole by Pashmoda to add a style quotient to your personality.

2.       Waterfall Style

This is one of the trending and in-styles this season.


  • Just grab one of your best online stoles and wrap it around your neck. Make one end longer than other.
  • Now, loop the longer end of the stole one at a time and bring it forward again.
  • Now secure the top corner of this looped end to the other end at the side of your neck.
  • The unattached side will create a waterfall look. Drape it properly.

Don’t forget to check out these Kashmiri Jamawar Antique Mughal Shawl and Kaani Stole With Silky Zari Weave this wedding season to amp your style quotient.

3.       Braided Style

Go for this fashionable braided styled stole when wearing casuals. It beautifully teams up with your jeggings, jeans with short top and jacket. 


  • Fold your woolen stole exactly in half (in length) and now wrap it over your neck.
  • Now, you need to slide the two ends of the stole from the loop at the other end (made by the fold).
  • Grab and twist this loop again to create another smaller loop.
  • Again slide the ends of the stole through this loop. It’s good to go!

Check out this Aari Embroidered Kashmiri Stole and Jacquard Self Pattern Stole to match with your next party dress.

4.       Classic Drape Style with Belt

You must have been exploring internet on wearing Kashmiri stoles online with belt for a graceful yet trendy look.

Here’s how to do that:


  • Just take out one of your favorite Kashmiri stoles and wear them around your neck with both ends at front.
  • Wear it loose and make it fall over your upper body i.e. your upper body should get covered by the stole.
  • Now add a thin belt over it around your waist area. This will not only make you cut a dash but will also help you show off your waist.

Want to try this style? Go ahead with Pure Wool Printed Stole Certified By The Woolmark Company only at Pashmoda.

5.       Go for a Toss!

This is one of the basic and the most traditional way to style your looks with Pashmina stole.


  • Wrap your stole across the neck.
  • Now, just toss your stole across the opposite shoulder. It will fall behind you.

Don’t overthink it! It’s casual and meant to be carried this way.

Wear this style with any outfit.

Wish to make a style statement? Looking for winter stoles buy online?

Give an edge to your style with Pashmoda stoles and shawls!

Keep experimenting with your style with Pashmoda’s 100% genuine and authentic pashmina products and let yourself foray into fashion!

Which one did you like? Don’t forget to share your favorite pashmina stole style with us on social media.

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